Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  List of Management Users Logged In Today (14/11/2018)  
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1 Omvir Singh AD(Hort)
2 Ravindra Singh Chauhan AD(Hort)
3 Yogender Singh AD(Hort)
4 Kailash Chand AD(Hort)
6 Rajeev kumar AD(Hort)
9 AD(Hort)
10 Arun Kumar Tyagi AD(Hort)
11 Arun Kumar Rathi AD(Hort)
13 Pramod Kumar Upreti Assistant Engineer(Civil)
14 PURNENDU MISHRA Assistant Engineer(Civil)
15 A K Sahu Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
16 CHHABI LAL SINGH Assistant Engineer(Civil)
17 Shiv Ram Meena Assistant Engineer(Civil)
18 K P YADAV Assistant Engineer(Civil)
19 A K Agarwal Assistant Engineer(Civil)
20 Brijesh Kumar Baranwal Assistant Engineer(Civil)
21 DOCTOR PRASAD GUPTA Assistant Engineer(Civil)
22 B K AGGARWAL Assistant Engineer(Civil)
23 IQBAL SINGH Assistant Engineer(Civil)
24 JAI BHAGWAN Assistant Engineer(Civil)
25 JANAK PAL Assistant Engineer(Civil)
26 Awadhesh Kumar Pandey Assistant Engineer(Civil)
27 Raj Kumar Assistant Engineer(Civil)
28 P.S.MEENA Assistant Engineer(Civil)
29 Er.V.K.Singh Assistant Engineer(Civil)
30 Sh.Peeyush Agrwal Assistant Engineer(Civil)
31 kripal singh Assistant Engineer(Civil)
32 BANSH RAJ Assistant Engineer(Civil)
33 Amar Jeet Singh Assistant Engineer(Civil)
34 Rajesh Kumar Gupta Assistant Engineer(Civil)
35 Bijay Kant Singh Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
36 Sanjay Kumar Pal Assistant Engineer(Civil)
37 Er. GURJANT SINGH Assistant Engineer(Civil)
38 P.Muraleedharan. Assistant Engineer(Civil)
39 NAROTTAM KUMAR RATHORE Assistant Engineer(Civil)
40 HEM RAJ MEENA Assistant Engineer(Civil)
41 R K Diwaker Assistant Engineer(Civil)
42 Shri ASHOK KUMAR SAXENA Assistant Engineer(Civil)
43 Bhaba Shankar Roy Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
44 Ram Bali Kanaujia Assistant Engineer(Civil)
45 Er. Satpal Singh Assistant Engineer(Civil)
46 Shri Krishan Garg Assistant Engineer(Civil)
47 RAM SINGH BIND Assistant Engineer(Civil)
48 Er Ram Narain Assistant Engineer(Civil)
49 V.RAGHU Assistant Engineer(Civil)
50 Er. Yash Pal Assistant Engineer(Civil)
51 YOGESH KUMAR KARDAM Assistant Engineer(Civil)
52 Sh. Amit Kumar Jain Assistant Engineer(Civil)
53 Chaman Lal Verma Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
54 Pramod singhal Assistant Engineer(Civil)
55 Surya Bhan Assistant Engineer(Civil)
56 Tara Pada Mandal Assistant Engineer(Civil)
57 YOGESH KUMAR Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
58 Kanwal Jeet Saini Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
59 SATYA PAL Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
60 Hari Pal Singh Tyagi Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
61 Narinder Singh Thakur Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
62 VIJAYAKUMAR Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
63 R. Subbiah Pillai Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
64 S.Thiruselvam Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
65 SHYAM BIHARI MEENA D C GUPTA Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
66 VIJAYPRAKASH Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
67 Vijay Prakash Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
68 SURESH CHAND Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
69 Rajeshwar Sharma Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
70 SANJAY DHINGRA Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
71 T K Chatraborty Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
72 BALWINDER SINGH Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
73 AKHILESH KUMAR SINGH Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
74 SANJAI KUMAR PRAJAPATI Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
75 VINOD KUMAR Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
76 Davender Kumar Sharma Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
77 ARUN KUMAR SINGH Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
78 Somain Shaw Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
79 ASHGAR ALI BISWAS Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
80 SS Agrawal Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
81 BISWANATH BISWAS Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
82 DEBASHIS BANERJEE Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
83 JAI NAND SHARMA Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
84 JATA SHANKAR Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
85 kamlesh kumar Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
86 BANEET KUMAR Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
87 Debbabruta Das Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
88 VIJAY SINGH KHAMESRA Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
89 B BISWAS Assistant Engineer(Electrical)
90 ISH KUMAR GUPTA Assistant Engineer(Civil)
91 VIJAY RAJE Assistant Engineer(Civil)
92 PARMJEET SINGH GILL Assistant Engineer(Civil)
93 JASVINDER SINGH Assistant Engineer(Civil)
96 Dr. Sanjeet Singh Dagar Director(Hort)
97 Dr. S.S. Dagar Director(Hort)
98 Brijesh Bahadur Executive Engineer(Civil)
99 PUSHPINDER SINGH Executive Engineer(Civil)
100 SHARAD SINGH CHAUHAN Executive Engineer(Civil)
101 MANNU KUMAR Executive Engineer(Civil)
102 PREM CHAND CHANANA Executive Engineer(Civil)
103 YOGESH KUMAR GARG Executive Engineer(Electrical)
104 DHARMENDER KUMAR KALRA Executive Engineer(Electrical)
105 PRAVEENDRA PRATAP SINGH Executive Engineer(Electrical)
106 AVLOK KUMAR Executive Engineer(Electrical)
107 YOGENDRA SINGH Executive Engineer(Electrical)
108 SANJEEV AGGARWAL Executive Engineer(Electrical)
109 NARENDRA KUMAR KHOKER Executive Engineer(Electrical)
110 RAJESH KUMAR Executive Engineer(Civil)
111 Ashish Sinha Executive Engineer(Civil)
112 ARVIND KUMAR NAGPAL Executive Engineer(Electrical)
113 VIKAS KUMAR Executive Engineer(Civil)
114 SURINDER KUMAR KOHLI Executive Engineer(Civil)
115 SUPINDER SINGH Executive Engineer(Civil)
116 Kamal Ram Meena Executive Engineer(Civil)
117 Jowon Sikhet Executive Engineer(Civil)
118 BICHITTAR SINGH Executive Engineer(Civil)
119 Shri Ramawtar Dhanaka Assistant Engineer(Civil)
120 SHANKER LAL Assistant Engineer(Civil)
121 AMIT GOVIL Junior Engineer(Electrical)
122 inder shker jha Junior Engineer(Electrical)
123 RAHUL KUMAR Junior Engineer(Electrical)
124 Balram Meena Junior Engineer(Electrical)
125 HITESH YADAV Junior Engineer(Electrical)
126 JITIN Junior Engineer(Electrical)
127 Nikesh kumar Junior Engineer(Electrical)
128 P VENKATESH Junior Engineer(Electrical)
129 Neeraj Kumar Junior Engineer(Electrical)
130 RAHUL KUMAR Junior Engineer(Electrical)
131 Narendra Nath Vyas Assistant Engineer(Civil)
132 NAGENDRA PRASAD Superintending Engineer(Civil)
133 MANISH KUMAR Superintending Engineer(Civil)
134 Krishna Pal Singh Superintending Engineer(Civil)
135 MURALI RENGARAJAN Superintending Engineer(Electrical)
136 PIJUSH CHAKMA Superintending Engineer(Civil)
137 DEVENDRA PRAKASH Superintending Engineer(Civil)