Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
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SNo.Allottee NameHouseCity
1 Mr. Gagan deep singh 4091A (Type-3) (605-Service Center-V (Sector-37 C)) Chandigarh
2 Mr. MADHAN KUMAR T N 9 Type-1 Block-12 Floor-2 (164 -Central Revenue Colony Anna Nagar(Civil)) Chennai
3 R HARI KUMAR 6 Type-3 Block-10 BESANT NAGAR (971-Besant Nagar and Indira Nagar(Civil)) Chennai
4 Sh. D.B. Rana 6 E-1 to E-9 Type-4S Sector-E Block-4 Floor-Ground (1170-SURVEY OF INDIA HATHIBARKALA(Civil)) Dehradun
5 8 Upper Floor Type-2 Sector-Nil Block-C Barrack Floor-1 (979-summerhill Section(Civil)) Shimla