Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
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SNo.CityService Centre TypeSC CodeService Centre
1 New DelhiResidential140K M Lane
2 New DelhiResidential145K M Lane (Electrical)
3 New DelhiResidential146Kushak Road (Electrical-1)
4 New DelhiResidential147Kushak Road (Electrical-2)
5 New DelhiResidential213P P Hostel
6 New DelhiResidential214Asia House
7 New DelhiResidential301Chanakyapuri
8 New DelhiResidential302Chanakyapuri
9 New DelhiResidential317North West Moti Bagh
10 New DelhiResidential531Mausam Bhawan Residential
11 New DelhiResidential532Lodhi Colony/Complex Emergency (Electrical)
12 New DelhiResidential1129Sarojini Nagar Nauroji Nagar Emergency(Electrical)
13 New DelhiResidential1130Laxmi Bai Nagar Netaji Nagar Emergency(Electrical)
14 New DelhiResidential1145Havloc Square Kali Bari Emergency (Electrical)
15 New DelhiResidential1307North Avenue M S Flats B K S Marg (Civil-1)
16 New DelhiResidential1308North Avenue M S Flats B K S Marg (Civil-2)