Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  List of Service Centres Logged In Today (19/01/2018)  
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SNo.CityService Centre TypeSC CodeService Centre
1 ChennaiNon-Residential1499GPOA RAJAJI BHAWAN CHENNAI-90(Civil)
2 ChennaiResidential163GPRA Thirumangalam(Civil)
3 ChennaiResidential1118BESANT NAGAR(Civil)
4 ChennaiResidential1379BESANT NAGAR(Civil)
5 FaridabadResidential511Old Colony (Civil)
6 GhaziabadNon-Residential768CGO Kamla Nehru Nagar (Electrical)
7 GorakhpurResidential1178CPWD GORAKHPUR(Electrical)
8 New DelhiNon-Residential744IP Bhawan (Civil)
9 New DelhiNon-Residential753CR Building (Civil)
10 New DelhiResidential262Chitragupta Road
11 New DelhiResidential351Lodhi Road Complex
12 New DelhiResidential352Lodhi Road Complex
13 New DelhiResidential531Mausam Bhawan Residential
14 New DelhiResidential532Lodhi Colony/Complex Emergency (Electrical)
15 New DelhiResidential1126R K Puram Sector-8,9,12 Emergency (Electrical)
16 New DelhiResidential1129Sarojini Nagar Nauroji Nagar Emergency(Electrical)
17 New DelhiResidential1130Laxmi Bai Nagar Netaji Nagar Emergency(Electrical)
18 New DelhiResidential1145Havloc Square Kali Bari Emergency (Electrical)
19 New DelhiResidential1181R K Puram Sector-1,2,3,4,5,7 Emergency(Electrical)