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SNo.CityService Centre TypeSC CodeService Centre
1 ChennaiResidential160GPRA Thirumangalam (Electrical)
2 ChennaiResidential910GPRA INDIRANAGAR ADYAR CHENNAI(Electrical)
3 ChennaiResidential971Besant Nagar(Civil)
4 ChennaiResidential1373GPRA KK NAGAR CHENNAI(Electrical)
5 KolkataResidential492NARKELDANGA, KOLKATA-700054(Civil)
6 New DelhiResidential104Sunheri Bagh lane Div 4 & 5 (Furniture)
7 New DelhiResidential146Kushak Road (Electrical-1)
8 New DelhiResidential147Kushak Road (Electrical-2)
9 New DelhiResidential532Lodhi Colony/Complex Emergency (Electrical)
10 New DelhiResidential831North Avenue Bungalows (Electrical)
11 New DelhiResidential1024Feroz Shah Road (Electrical-2)
12 New DelhiResidential1054North Avenue Flats (Electrical)
13 New DelhiResidential1126R K Puram Sector-8,9,12 Emergency (Electrical)
14 New DelhiResidential1129Sarojini Nagar Nauroji Nagar Emergency(Electrical)
15 New DelhiResidential1130Laxmi Bai Nagar Netaji Nagar Emergency(Electrical)
16 New DelhiResidential1145Havloc Square Kali Bari Emergency (Electrical)
17 New DelhiResidential1303South Avenue Bungalows (Electrical)
18 New DelhiResidential1305South Avenue Flats (Electrical)